Foie Gras #1, by Edie Fake

September 26, 2017 3:06 pm by Crocodile

Foie Gras issue #1

by Edie Fake

Edie Fake is one of those people that you think about every now and again (or maybe often) and you just get a charge thinking they’re out there putting pen to paper and moving big weight. I guess this is a bit dour, but sometimes you have to be reminded that there are people out there who are consistently good, right on, fun, powerful, and in the mix! It’s not all garbage, you know! So, buzz buzz, Edie Fake is still putting it down. He’s got an ongoing series called Gaylord Phoenix, which got collected, or maybe selected, or even adapted, to form a handsome book, published by Secret Acres. Then suddenly last April a new issue came out, with a very “why have you awaken me?” sequel feeling, and last weekend a new one after that. If there’s any character I need to be unfrozen from an iceberg this year, it’s Gaylord Phoenix.

Anyway, this isn’t that, it’s something else.

Foie Gras issue #1 is a 16 page quarter-size portrait format zine, with two color silkscreen wraparound cover, and black and white xerox interiors on different colors of pastel paper. Or it’s 12 internal pages and then a cover. How do you count pages for a zine- is the cover a page or what? Anyway this is great- it’s drawings based on the Joy Of Cooking cookbook, with dirty text. The combination of the pastel pages and the deep red screenprint on the cover draw a nice parallel between the flowery nature of plant sex and the visceral nature of animal sex. Also the decorations of classic mid-century cooking matched with human make-up. Also the cover of the classic Joy Of Cooking book matched with whatever paper was on hand. It’s fun and sexy, I’m not going to belabor the point.

Like Gaylord Phoenix, Foie Gras uses Edie’s trademark font, which appears to be some kind of stamp set. Chippendale used to do a similar trick, hand-stamping all the text in his comics, and for him I think it was to keep the focus on action. For Fake it makes everything sort of feel like it’s a translation, like these aren’t the real words, this is just the gist of it. Anyway it works great in his narrative works where text plays a supporting role, and it works great here where the very different text and images combine to make a vibrant third thing. Also it’s reminiscent of the old EC font, used in comics like Crypt of Terror and Weird Science. I don’t know how intentional this is, but it’s a link back to horror.

In the top corner of Foie Gras is something I love to see in a zine: a $1 price tag. I’m ok with people pricing their zines however they want, but I have no money, so to me a $20 zine is like a $30 pizza– I bet it’s great, and I’m sure the price is reasonable for what it is, but unless it’s a gift, it’s probably not in the cards. And I’m definitely not going to pick up an expensive zine from someone I don’t already have a relationship with. Please please please if you’re reading this, and you’re into self-publishing, have something that’s a dollar, or free. A 16 page quarter size zine is 2 double-sided copies folded twice and stapled, that’s what, $.40 max in print costs? It’s a great move if you’re trying to get your name out there and it’s a wonderful “I’m here to party” feeling if you’re a known quantity. I know it may seem amateurish or not self-respecting, but everyone good, everyone that you like or respect, has or has had at one point something great that you can get for a dollar or two, or trade, or free. Be like the best!

Foie Gras issue #1, self-published in year unknown, $1 🙂



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