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May 2, 2018 8:59 am by Crocodile

Hi, thanks for coming to check out my yard sale!

this yard sale is over, but if there’s something unsold here that you want, i might still have it, so feel free to email me. i’m leaving this up mostly because this still functions as “book reviews”. i might have another yard sale on the blog at a later date, it was fun!

Prices are based on ebay “recently sold” listings, but lower, because this is less of a hassle. Email me (jacob@fujichia.com) with a list of what you want and I’ll tell you the total with shipping and you can paypal or venmo me. I’m going to just ship everything as cheaply as possible- media rate where applicable. 1 book will probably be like $4. Free shipping if you spend $50 or more. Unsold stuff goes on ebay next week or maybe sooner, depending.

I’ll try to mark things sold as soon as possible! It’s ok to email me questions about stuff but someone else might be emailing me at the same time to say “I’ll take it!”. 🙂

All orders get extra stuff that’s laying around.

Providence locals can pick up & pay on Friday at Analog Underground from 11-7.

Samurai Executioner 1-4 and 6-10, small size $5 each. These books are dynamite, and there’s a bunch of stories in each one, but they’re pretty tiny! each one is 4 1/8″ x 6″ (but about an inch thick). From the same team that brought you Lone Wolf and Cub, this is swords and intrigue from old Japan!!! In English.

Path of the Assassin 1 2 5 7-10, small size, $5 each. In English but it reads left to right.

Be sure to tell me what number or numbers you want!

Criswell Predicts – celebrity psychic of the 50s & 60s, featured in (some might say star of) Ed Wood’s Plan 9 From Outer Space! A weird view of the past from the much more past past. Unfortunately a nude youth rebellion didn’t develop in Rhode Island and sweep through the country in the 1980s. $20

Videogames For Humans – cool book about contemporary text adventure games, focusing on Twine. Nice big book. Great Michael DeForge cover! $20

Humbug set w/o slipcase – 2 volumes, beautiful hardcover reprint collection of this post-Mad magazine by Harry Kurtzman, Al Jaffee, Will Elder, Jack Davis, Wally Wood. No slipcase. Marker line on the bottom of the pages because this was a cutout. That’s why it isn’t $100, it’s $40

Artoon magazine, Japanese book from 1983 with Gary Panter, Lynda Barry, RAW crew, plus Terry Johnson and many more new wave Japanese cartoonists! Or “artoonists” I guess. In black and white but with full color sections. Really cool book!!! With gold obi (which the store I bought this from wrapped in wax paper to protect!) and red page edges. Cool book in incredibly good condition. $30 SOLD!!

Agony, Mark Beyer, Raw first edition- this was recently reprinted but… don’t you need the original??? cover is a little frayed, otherwise great. $15

Teratoid Heights, Mat Brinkman, Highwater Books. Great condition. $50 SOLD!!

Providence: Fracas Psychedelique En Nouvelle-Angleterre”. This impossible to get book is the catalog to an exhibit of the same name at the MIAM museum in France, organized by Jonas Delaborde. Featuring Mat Brinkman, Melissa Brown, Brian Chippendale, Jessica Ciocci, Jim Drain, CF, Philippe Druillet, Leif Goldberg, Jungil Hong, Ben Jones, Marie Lorenz, Takeshi Murata & Billy Grant, Ara Peterson, Francine Spiegel & Judi Rosen, and Jacob Berendes. With essays by Herve DiRosa, Jonas Delaborde, Dan Nadel, & Francois Bon. $100 SOLD!!!!

Borbah, Charles Burns, Fantagraphics, softcover. Cool collection of stories starring the marked wrestler Borbah! If Burns hadn’t wasted years of his life drawing horrible 1970s hairdos and individual pebbles we’d have more snappy tales like these, of mutant wrestlers wiping the floors with futuristic low-lifes. Instead we have only a few such stories. Hold them close. 2005 edition, softcover. $20

La Sankta Biblio, the Bible in Esperanto- nice edition of the bible in Esperanto, translated by “Dr Esperanto” aka E Zamenhoff, the inventor of Esperanto himself! In black and white on thin “Bibley” paper, in a green plastic binding with gold (colored) embossed letters. Everything about this production screams “this is a Bible!”. In Esperanto as I’ve previously noted. The really weird thing is that there’s a fake old-timey affix that gets used to try to replicate the feeling of the thees and thines of the King James Bible. It’s the one totally extraneous feature of this purposefully sparse and utilitarian language, was it only used for this???? There’s some wear along inside cover, not a tear though, just a wear. otherwise in great shape. $40

Kirby fourth world omnibus vol 1 softcover – killer. In perfect condition. If you only get one of these, get the first one, it has the bulk of the wild ass Jimmy Olsen material, plus the first couple issues of New Gods, Mister Miracle, and Forever People, reprinted in publication order. In full color. Thrifty way to get into this mindblowing series. Like new condition. $30 SOLD!!

Sing Sing Nights, Harry Stephen Keeler first edition, orange cloth cover 1928 – “the Ed Wood of mystery books”. his most popular book, later made into a movie. “You can tell he really loved to write” is the motherly way of describing Keeler. “Exhuberant” is the polite way. “Nutso” is the common way. Florid the way all noir can be, but to a truly baroque level, with impossible-to-predict twists, turns, and complications. That said, this is his most conventional and also most popular (during his lifetime) book. A real collector’s piece in great condition. It’s not $200, it’s $40.

7 volumes of SM magazine, 1970s Japanese s&m, 6×9″, each one is 200+ pages. nothing super super graphic, but yes there’s ropes, chains, candles, etc. manufactured in the japanese style with multiple paper stocks, print colors, color inserts, and fold-outs. There’s a lot of text! But there’s also incredible drawings and paintings and some very grainy photos. The cover of each one is a close up on a doll’s face, very very creepy. Great for a swinger’s shelf. “what’s this? …oh”. $20 each
#8 is SOLD!!

My Face For The World To See, Liz Renay autobio, first edition with dustjacket (torn but intact). Model, gangster moll, and star of John Waters’ “Desperate Living”. Sadly the proposed sequel, “My Ass For The World To Kiss” never materialized. $30

Robert Crumb “Flesh & Blood Comics” 22×17″ 10 pages, unbound, newspaper format on good slightly glossy newsprint. printed by the Agnes B gallery in France, in 2008. A definite weirdie, I’m not sure how I got this. More info here. $20

Cat Eyed Boy book – perfect bound 4.5″x7″, 187 pages. from 1976. My favorite comic book character of all time! There were 2 English translation collections a few years ago, this is a small collection from 1976, in Japanese. It’s ghoulish fun, and every single page is rewarding, even if you don’t read Japanese. This rules. $20 SOLD

The Life, Art, and Music of Daniel Johnston – nice book about Daniel Johnston, with lots of info, a glossary of all the characters mentioned in his songs and artwork, and tons of great pictures and artwork! White cover is a little dingey. No grunge though, just dinge. $8 SOLD!!

Lost in the Andes- Great Donald Duck collection by “the good duck artist” Carl Barks. Includes some racist tropes of the era– is it interesting to read this stuff? Yes. Should you give it to a kid in 2018? I’m gonna say no, you shouldn’t. Select another book for them. That said, Carl Barks is a shining star of 20th century comic storytelling, worth studying. Fantagraphics, 2011, $10

Songs In The Key Of Z – book about so-called “outsider musicians”, as a parallel to “outsider artists”. Kiiiind of a bullshit term, because this is the planet of music, it’s something all residents are licensed to create and enjoy! That said, there are a lot of bios on a lot of cool musicians, listed mostly on the cover above. This book is “peak WFMU”. $5 SOLD!

Man Who Fell To Earth – novelization of this cool movie that we might as well pretend is about David Bowie. Attention movie novelization fans and Bowie fans alike! $3 SOLD!!

BUGS – it’s about bugs, but like, computer bugs. $1

PLAGUE – Dan Wars tried to get me to read this, I refused. $1

Blade Runner book with the movie cover. I bought this at Tatnuck books in the 90s. $2

Asimov Lucky Starr and so forth $2

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Ghost Stories. “Believe it or not” is pretty basic instructions for any sort of information, but what can I say, Ripley’s made it pop. These ghost stories (and plays) are true? That’s the premise. But like, you can believe it, or you can not. But how can a play be true? Really really cool cover and great title font. No other illustrations. $1 SOLD!!

The Best From Fantasy And Science Fiction. This book has a water stain (but no wrinkling) along the top 1/4″, and a pencilled in price tag that says $15, which I absolutely did not pay. “Everything in here is good or excellent” says the SF Chronicle. CS Lewis, Asimov, Poul Anderson, Shirley Jackson, more. $1

Light A Last Candle – cool but also very shitty cover that looks collaged from other books. Is this good? I have completely no idea. $1

Destination Void, Frank Hebert – Great opportunity for all SF fans to pick up something else from the dune dude, in an edition that is extremely water damaged but no longer wet. This is the revised edition, updated 13 years after its intial print run with updated science. Looks like someone was reading it in the tub and dozed off a little. As I said, it’s no longer wet. $1.

Pnin, Nabakov- I enjoyed this book but I have other Nabakov books that I haven’t read yet, so, what, I’m gonna reread this one? I will admit- I could, and I’m tempted. It’s fun, a little melancholy, pleasant. The cover is pretty dull, and in fact all these new Nabakov books on Vintage have stupid covers, what’s up with that? Luckily you don’t look at the cover when you’re reading it. There’s a description in the first part of the book that makes our lead character out to look like Dr Robotnik. I might try to borrow this back years from now, texting you “do you still have that Robotnik book?” new number who this. $5 SOLD

A Perfect Vacuum, Lem – Lem tackles what I consider a classic Borges riff, which is writing a review of a fake book so you don’t have to actually write it, you can just talk about the ideas of it. This is a collection of such reviews, and they aren’t very convincing, but they are fun to read. $5 SOLD!!

Here’s one for all you puzzle fans. It’s a puzzle. Joan Miro “the Carnival”. Comes with a poster. I think all the pieces are there but full disclosure- the box says there’s 390 pieces, and I counted them and got more than that, I counted over 400. How does that happen????? Did I count wrong? Was there a prohibition on puzzles over 400 pieces so they lied about it on the box??? Anyway if you put it together and there’s extra pieces just throw them away. It’s really not a problem. Too few pieces, that’s a problem. Too many pieces is just weird. The box is a little crushed but everything else is fine. I can’t ship this media mail because it’s not a book it’s a puzzle. So shipping will be a little more. Local pickup for this or any other item is no problem. $10 SOLD!!

The Devil Drives. Nice biography of Richard Burton, explorer, translator of the 1001 Nights, and generally fascinating character. I picked this up because Chip King used to have a Dungeons & Dragons character named Fawn Brodie. There’s a great part in this where he’s living with a bunch of monkeys trying to figure out their language. He was a very far-out dude and sadly his blasted puritan wife burned his definitely absolutely guaranteed totally fucked out memoirs, what a shame. $6 SOLD

Western Words – a glossary of terms used by ramblers, gamblers, farmers and rogues of the American Old West. I think looking at the specialized language in use is a nice way to look at a scene. So for me, this is a nice book to flip through. Every time I pick this up I think “I should do a thing that’s set in the Old West”. Now you can have that experience. $3 SOLD!!

Couldn’t really get into it. That’s on me. Nice edition, get it as a gift maybe? $5 SOLD


Garo #???, 2000 SOLD!! //// Garo #192, 1979 SOLD!!

Garo #121, 1973 SOLD!! //// Garo #219, 1982 SOLD!!

Garo #170, 1977 SOLD!! //// Garo #230, 1983 SOLD!!

Garo #148, 1975 SOLD!! //// Garo #161, 1977 SOLD!!

Garo #258, 1985 SOLD!! //// Garo #196, 1980 SOLD!!

Garo #34. 1967 SOLD!! //// Garo #235, 1983 SOLD!!

Garo #188, 1979 SOLD!! //// Garo #232, 1983 SOLD!!

Garo #195, 1980 sold!!! //// Garo #378, 1996 SOLD!!

Garo #186, 1979 SOLD!! //// Garo #340, 1993 SOLD!!

Garo #167, 1977 SOLD!! //// Garo # 395, 1998 SOLD!!

misc GAROs, 1960s-2000s – legendary and fascinating anthology magazine from Japan, focusing on what I would call “alternative” comics. for fans of heta-uma (bad but good) and ero guro nansensu (erotic grotesque nonsense). Like too much counter-culture shit, you’ll find plenty of male gaze and “transgressive material” aka “violence against women”. but there’s also a lot of great artists that don’t go there. but it’s not for kids!!! and it looks like it’s for kids, so really, keep kids away from this. really fun to look at even if you can’t read Japanese. When I was buying these I got a lot of Terry Johnson covers, because he’s great, but they all have incredible stuff in them. the 70s issues are apt to have nude or nude-ish pics of women by Nobuyoshi Araki. it’s called erotic grotesque nonsense for a reason!!! really an incredible magazine and they’re all in pretty good condition, except the one from 2000, on which the cover is a little frayed but still totally intact. $20 each.
all the Garos are SOLD!!

HBML rent club poster by Ian Cozzens!!!!

I found a small stack of these posters that Ian made for my junk shop back in 2006. He said it’s the most complicated print he ever made. 10″x24″ silkscreen on heavy paper. signed and numbered from an edition of 80! Ian and I agreed to charge between $45 and $100 for these, for the duration of this yard sale, if you want one, just pick your price between $45 and $100. After this yard sale if I have any left the price will be set somewhere in the middle of that range. Sorry for the bad pics but I’m trying to prioritize people that already know they definitely want this 🙂


take a look at my these button designs! they’re all a dollar. if you’re buying something, you might as well just… see if there’s any buttons you like and throw those in on the order. here’s a link to the buttons page but if you’re getting books and buttons, don’t do the order through the buttons page, just list me which ones you want when you email me. 🙂

this is just some of them! click through for more

thanks for coming to my yard sale!!!!!!!!! 🙂

email me with a list of what you want, I’ll send you a shipping price and a paypal invoice



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