Little Lulu “Never Again” bootleg

April 26, 2018 5:01 pm by Crocodile

Armageddon Shop is a punk/hardcore/metal record store here in town, run by one of the people from DROPDEAD. It’s a great store and one of two places to get zines in town (alongside Ada Books) and one of two places to get local noise tapes (alongside Analog Underground). You don’t see as many zines as you did in the zine heyday, but there’s more mid-size magazines– Armageddon always has a few copies of the last couple issues of Maximum Rock And Roll, alongside other mags of similar size and methodology (newsprint, regular columnists, record reviews, band interviews, ads) representing different facets of punk and metal. In addition you occasionally see old zines that someone sold, or more likely, gave to the store when they sold off their punk 7″s.

I’m not 100% on this but I think that getting less local zines and more larger mags led to them dealing more with distributors, which in some ways led to them getting weirder stuff. I think to get zine mainstay (and top seller) Cometbus you have to go through the publisher / distributor Last Gasp, and the store probably padded the order out with other interesting stuff- back issues of Zap, Duplex Planet Illustrated, and I suspect, this bootleg of a single story from a Little Lulu comic. The guys at the store said they didn’t remember ordering it, and it probably just got thrown in the box. It’s the one where she smokes doll hair and has a psychedelic experience. There’s no info on this except on the back is says “50 copies” and there’s a brown stain (smoke?) on the spine and along the bottom edge. 6.5″x4.25″ (quarter size legal), black and white xerox, $2.

One common thread I’ve been noticing in my interests lately (lately noticed, probably always had) is that I love it when things sneak through. I love that someone bootlegged this Little Lulu comic and it snuck into the metal music dungeon on the coattails of a more sought-after publication. Similarly, I remember hearing (but I did not confirm this) a similar thing involving Load Records– Lightning Bolt sold a lot of records, so not only did they underwrite other records that sold less (notably Kites, who matched LB record for record), but those other records rode into stores (and presumably, homes) on their coattails. I think this is a really good model. Sneak it through! FWIW, LB rules but Kites was by far the more influential band for me. Shoutout to Kites!!!

If you need this zine for your collection you are shit out of luck- I grabbed the only one and it’s not something you can just get from a known place. Last Gasp officially stopped doing mailorder last year. But if you just want to read it, the wonderful Stanley Stories blog scanned in the full color original, which you can read at that link or at the end of this very post.

Here’s a picture from Jackie Chan’s “Police Story 4” where a punk wears what looks like a DROPDEAD varsity jacket. Shoutout to the stylist on this one, maybe a kid out there with punk leanings saw this and searched the name, and now they have a good band.

Here’s a pic from a band reminiscing about the day they hung out with Star Man, and he said his favorite band was Lightning Bolt. I heard he ordered the entire Load discography, which means he had not only all LB records to date but also the Kites LP “Mechanical Gardener From The United States Of America Helped Into An Open Field By Women And Children” AND the Noise Nomads 7″. RIP Star Man!!!!!

As promised, the original is below the cut


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