2 Halloween zine anthologies

October 10, 2017 3:02 pm by Crocodile

2 Halloween zines by ????

Ok here we have 2 zines made for Halloween, neither have titles. I think I got both of these from CF. the orange one, I remember seeing Christopher at a show or a party at the Dirt Palace, and he had a huge envelope of comics for me and the room was really loud but he was screaming in my ear about this one, “THIS IS JUST SOME COMICS THAT ME AND MY FRIENDS MADE FOR HALLOWEEN.” I had just met him, I can’t remember when that was, let’s say early 2000’s, the decade that cannot be named.

The other one is from a year or two later, I also got at a show, and I think I got it from Christopher but I’m not sure because he was wearing a really nice homemade werewolf mask. But at the time he was always wearing these very distinct patched-up pants, I seem to remember the pants were a tell. But it could’ve been anyone. Anyway it was some show or party around Halloween, I think it was at the Sickle, and everyone’s just hanging out and then a bunch of people in furry masks came in all at once dragging chains and pounding on drums. It was actually kind of scary– no one knew what they wanted or what was going on. One of them grabbed me and just stared at me, and I thought they were saying something that I couldn’t hear, so I kept putting my ear up to the mask, hearing nothing, more staring, still being grabbed, trying to hear again, nothing. I can’t remember how long this went on but it was very menacing, so my sense of time was distorted. After a while the one that grabbed me reached into a bag and pulled this out and gave it to me.

The orange one says “Paper Rad” on the inside first page so I guess this is a paper rad zine, even though the personel overlap with the other book is almost perfect, and the other book is just a book by some people. The cover is a bunch of different spray paint stencils over black and white xerox. The size is “regular paper” or 8.5×11″, but some pages are larger. I used to hate this style of binding- just stapling things together on the side, I thought it was sloppy, or like it didn’t seem sufficiently magazine-like. But the good thing about it is that you can include tons of page variation- size, color, printing method, and have them all appear exactly where you want. Usually for zines you saddle stitch everything- you staple in the center of the paper and fold in half, so the cover and back cover are 1 continuous piece of paper, as are the 1st page and the last page, and the 2nd page and the 2nd to last, etc.. it’s symmetrical- if the 4th page is printed on green paper, the 4th from last also has to be green- it’s the same piece of paper. By stapling on the side, you can make it asymmetrical, and things can surprise you- suddenly a page is large and folds out, or it’s on colored paper. There’s four pages in this (by Jeff Hartford I think) that are not bound in and fall right out, but they’re stapled together at the corner like a homework handout. It’s not connected to the rest of the book, except thematically. Is this even part of the book or is it just something I put there? This supposed Hartford section is two pieces of paper, each photocopied on just one side, with a simple crayon drawing on one of the blank sides. Overall the feeling is weird, confusing, funny, silly, scary, abundant, and rotting- a real and genuine Halloween feeling. Some of the pages are comics, some are just weird drawings of skulls or spooky hats. It’s 46 pages.

The second book is similar in content but less chaotically assembled- cover is a spray paint stencil that is smeared either by accident or on purpose– it might just be a smear of blood from a dying hand. The size is 8.5×7″, 48 pages, xeroxed onto legal-sized paper and saddle stitched.

Both books have comics, drawings, and designs from a variety of people from the extended Paper Rad organization and the Paper Rodeo crew, respectfully, with lots of overlap. Is it worth teasing these crews out or should I just say Post-Millenial Psychedelic New England Noise Drawing Scene? The format and vibe for both books is the same: most if not every page has 1 artist per page, with multiple pages per artist, sometimes distributed throughout the book. Though I doubt this was literally the case, it feels like everyone was hanging out around the same big table making all the drawings at once. Names are listed all in one block with no page numbers, and no one in either book signs their drawings, which gives the whole affair a party vibe, a feeling of selflessness and Just Having Fun.

I got both of these zines as gifts (or maybe a curse?). Neither has any indication of price and there’s a very strong chance they were never sold, only given away.

A smattering of pics to give you a basic idea:

Simpsons story from BJ, well before his inclusion in the Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror comic book, which is in some ways is a continuation of this concept.

one of two or three fold out sections

I was gonna not include any Brinkman pics, just to piss off Brady. But here you go Brady, some little Brinkman dudes.

Back cover, might be a huge stamp, or a linoleum cut or something.



Foie Gras #1, by Edie Fake

September 26, 2017 3:06 pm by Crocodile

Foie Gras issue #1

by Edie Fake

Edie Fake is one of those people that you think about every now and again (or maybe often) and you just get a charge thinking they’re out there putting pen to paper and moving big weight. I guess this is a bit dour, but sometimes you have to be reminded that there are people out there who are consistently good, right on, fun, powerful, and in the mix! It’s not all garbage, you know! So, buzz buzz, Edie Fake is still putting it down. He’s got an ongoing series called Gaylord Phoenix, which got collected, or maybe selected, or even adapted, to form a handsome book, published by Secret Acres. Then suddenly last April a new issue came out, with a very “why have you awaken me?” sequel feeling, and last weekend a new one after that. If there’s any character I need to be unfrozen from an iceberg this year, it’s Gaylord Phoenix.

Anyway, this isn’t that, it’s something else.

Foie Gras issue #1 is a 16 page quarter-size portrait format zine, with two color silkscreen wraparound cover, and black and white xerox interiors on different colors of pastel paper. Or it’s 12 internal pages and then a cover. How do you count pages for a zine- is the cover a page or what? Anyway this is great- it’s drawings based on the Joy Of Cooking cookbook, with dirty text. The combination of the pastel pages and the deep red screenprint on the cover draw a nice parallel between the flowery nature of plant sex and the visceral nature of animal sex. Also the decorations of classic mid-century cooking matched with human make-up. Also the cover of the classic Joy Of Cooking book matched with whatever paper was on hand. It’s fun and sexy, I’m not going to belabor the point.

Like Gaylord Phoenix, Foie Gras uses Edie’s trademark font, which appears to be some kind of stamp set. Chippendale used to do a similar trick, hand-stamping all the text in his comics, and for him I think it was to keep the focus on action. For Fake it makes everything sort of feel like it’s a translation, like these aren’t the real words, this is just the gist of it. Anyway it works great in his narrative works where text plays a supporting role, and it works great here where the very different text and images combine to make a vibrant third thing. Also it’s reminiscent of the old EC font, used in comics like Crypt of Terror and Weird Science. I don’t know how intentional this is, but it’s a link back to horror.

In the top corner of Foie Gras is something I love to see in a zine: a $1 price tag. I’m ok with people pricing their zines however they want, but I have no money, so to me a $20 zine is like a $30 pizza– I bet it’s great, and I’m sure the price is reasonable for what it is, but unless it’s a gift, it’s probably not in the cards. And I’m definitely not going to pick up an expensive zine from someone I don’t already have a relationship with. Please please please if you’re reading this, and you’re into self-publishing, have something that’s a dollar, or free. A 16 page quarter size zine is 2 double-sided copies folded twice and stapled, that’s what, $.40 max in print costs? It’s a great move if you’re trying to get your name out there and it’s a wonderful “I’m here to party” feeling if you’re a known quantity. I know it may seem amateurish or not self-respecting, but everyone good, everyone that you like or respect, has or has had at one point something great that you can get for a dollar or two, or trade, or free. Be like the best!

Foie Gras issue #1, self-published in year unknown, $1 🙂

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