"The person who plays finds in the game the force to overcome what the game contains of horror" - Georges Bataille

Faxanadu George Bataille is an injection of fragments of the writing of Georges Bataille (1897 - 1962) into the NES game Faxanadu (1987).

This game is not for sale. "No Copyright Infringement Intended"

Developed by Calico Roof for Rhododendron Festival
Questions / press / concerns please email b@rf5.org


To play this on your home system, please download the ROM and open it with an NES Emulator. To find an emulator that works for you, please search "NES emulator [operating system]" or go straight to Zophar's Domain. There should be an NES emulator available for nearly any platform.

Thank you Jeff "Big Boy" Sisson for making this playable online. Thank you to Mickey Zacchilli for the term "milk dip".



text editor view

tile editor view