from Mothers News, October 2012:
Destroy yourself. Change your energy, become unrecognizable to yourself. Be a shadow without a body, be a stain on the air. Turn yourself and your experience inside out-- observe the world by digesting it. Be a mole in the ground. Be wet and warm and dry and cold. Gain power (to act, to move, to will) by destroying something beautiful- your own name. Use the form above.

Replace every letter with its correspondent. Remove unneccessary letters if desired. Use this name for however purpose.

Please note that this is a one-way system- some letters are redundant, some are destroyed- it's impossible to resurrect the exact original name from only the transformed. Although information can't truly be destroyed, only transformed, the energy released in the name transformaion (E=mc^2) will be effectively impossible to recover.

download MonsterMono.ttf

I strongly recommend against using this as a system font.

Happy Halloween from Vathumt Stuvt