Interview in Forge #18

This interview is from Forge magazine #18. Forge is an online-only PDF magazine published on the Issuu platform. Since you can't link to individual sections or download the PDF, I've screencapped the text from my interview so you can read it without jumping through hoops. The interview in the pdf has a lot of nice pictures, which I have not republished here, but that doesn't mean I object to them! You can read the original here:

This interview was done over coffee at my house, I had a nice time. Although I did ramble on quite a bit. In some cases things that are not clear in the text were, I think, clarified in the moment by nuance or tone. Also PLEASE NOTE we talked this out at my kitchen table and the tapes were transcribed later (which is probably a pain in the neck). As a result there are a few transcription errors that make things hard to understand-- some errors are simply homonyms ('aloud' for 'allowed') and some are wild guesses. so if anything makes totally no sense, that might be why.