Some resources to share - March 15, 2020

These are exercises I do daily and find them very helpful. Hope you like them too.

At the end are some notes by Shizuto Masunaga, a founder of Meridian Shiatsu (the style of shiatsu I practice- also often called Zen Shiatsu), I thought this is good to read at this time.



Radio Taiso (Radio Exercise) No. 1 : Nearly the entire population in Japan have to learn this as a kid. Ridiculous as it looks, it is actually very effective and only takes less than 10min to do.


Makko-Ho Meridian Stretches : Work & meditate on each meridian!


This is a very simple, easy yet powerful exercise my osteopath showed me (I had to re-draw it). Only takes 10-15min to do, and it is great!!
Inhale as you raise your arms.

Exhale as you lower them.

Keep your neck "long"

6 x

Inhale arms up.

Exhale as you roll down, from top to bottom.

Exhale again as you hang limply, releasing all the tension in your spine and legs.

6 x

Take a short lunge as you exhale.

Linger in this position as you finish exhaling, relax into hips.

Inhale as you come back up.

Alternate right and left.

6 x

Lie on your back with knees bent, feet about 4 inches apart.

Right knee rolls out to side. Left follows.

Exhale and relax legs completely at the hips.

Inhale as you raise the left knee up and all the way over.

Right follows. Exhale and relax.

Do 6 each side, alternate.

may need pillow outside for knee support

Position your feet and knees wide apart.

Roll one knee inward. Exhale and allow the leg to limply settle. toward the floor

On an inhale, bring it back up.

Roll the other knee inward, and repeat.

6 each side, alternate

Bring one knee to opposite shoulder.

Exhale and move towards barrier

Push left thigh (near hip) away. Keep leg passive. Exhale.

6 each side, alternate.

Place one hand on each knee.

Keep your legs relaxed as you exhale and draw the knees towards the chest.

Inhale as you let your arms lengthen.

6 x

Relax your neck the whole time

from the book "health management method for muscles & points (1975)"

When we think about our health management, without a doubt we put forward all of our intentions and efforts to care for the individually precious and unique lives of our own. However, individual life can never exist without others.

A life can continue to exist in this universe only when it follows the way of existence in nature. The way of life in nature has to become the way of our human life existence. With this, our way of health management should never be a method for individual survival. It should never be approached with an attitude like building a wall only for the few to survive in case of a global disaster.

I would like you to feel that taking care of your own life extends to respecting all other lives. No matter how much we understand this in our head, if our lives center on physical objects and materials we easily become isolated and obsessed with ourselves. That naturally makes us act selfishly with no consideration and care for others.

Most of the old/existing health management methods had to fail, because their fundamental focus was individual longevity. It was only reasonable that the magical healing power that ancient kings were desparate for ended up killing them.

Through exploring and practicing true health management, we should learn that the way of life existence can only be fully realized in such an environment, where each individual life, together with all other lives, is as if embraced by one big life.

Shizuto Masunaga