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I take notes during each residency and write up a brief report listing topics we touched upon. My main reason for doing this is to produce some manner of document, and to provide potential applicants with a rough idea of what it's like (sitting around talking), the level of engagement (casual but potentially deep) and a general field of interest (wide enough to encompass basically anything). After doing over a hundred of these residencies I thought it would be fun to sort through my notes and make an alphabetized list of topics. That's what this is.

This list is by no means complete - I didn't write down everything we talked about in every conversation, I just wrote down a few sign posts. Also please note that this is not a menu! When applying for the residency DO NOT select a set of topics you want to discuss from this (or any) list, that's not how a conversation works! This list is provided for general interest only.

For more info on CTRI Innovations see here: [link]. To read the write-ups in full see here: [link].

This list was last updated 2020/01/21.

Repeated topics were discussed in more than one conversation.

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