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Events & Press

I love to do events- readings, performances, fairs, expos, etc.. Here are some I've done in the past and maybe some that I'm scheduled to do in the future. It's your responsibility to know which dates are in the past and which are in the future! For booking information please write jacob@fujichia.com.

Also included in this list is notable press, interviews, appearances in other media, writing for other publications, etc., because those are all kind of like "an event". There are also like, "things that happened", that kind of event. For ease of use, press clippings are adorned in lavender and links to miscellaneous writing are in light cyan. Interviews are technically both "miscellanous writing" and "press" but in this setting I went "press".

Music events (shows) in which I participate as a performer are mostly disincluded from this list because I've found it helpful up to now (and including now) to treat that class of events in a different way.

obviously there was a ton of weird shit before 2010 but that's where we'll cut this for now. And there's probably more stuff from the included time period that I'm missing, maybe because I'm temporarily forgetting it. If you remember an event that I participated in or a guest appearance I made, perhaps unwittingly, please write jacob@fujichia.com. I'll try to keep this list updated as far into the future as possible!