Mothers News

41 issues, 2010 - 2015

A free monthly newspaper. Mothers News began as a double-sided 11x17" broadsheet and ballooned up to 8 to 12 pages on newsprint. It was supported by ads from the community and by subscriptions. The print run at the end was 5,000 copies, with 500 going to subscribers and the rest distributed for free in Providence and at select spots across the US.

I did the bulk of the writing and design work, as well as selling ads and running a yearly subscription drive. Regular contributors included Mickey Zacchilli, James Kuo, CF, Sophia Tintori, Brian Chippendale, Kate Schapira, Charlotte de Sédouy, Michael DeForge, Arthur Katrina, Mike Taylor, Charles Forsman, Melissa Mendes, and Tom Bubul.

To order a selection of back issues of Mothers News, please see Domino Books.

Mothers News breakfast (photo by Veronica Fish)

Mothers News bundle

Mothers News all-frog issue

Mothers News patch (photo by E Connor)

MN interior (photo by Shaina Hoffman)

blurb from the Mothers News installation at the Carpenter Center for the Arts, Harvard University. I did not write this.

photo by Jenine Bressner

Mothers News t-shirt by Michael DeForge

The Body (with friend) for Mothers News