CTRI Innovations residency


90+ individual participants, 2018 to present

An artist's residency program that takes place over a cup of coffee and lasts for the duration of one cup of coffee. Participants apply online, we meet up in real life at a coffee shop. I buy the coffee. Tea is also an option. This residency is open to anyone with a creative practice, for whom "so, what are you working on?" is a viable question. After meeting I write up a brief synopsis of our conversation and post it on the project's website, alongside a picture of the participant's hands holding a cup.

This project is a pushback against the grants / fellowships / residencies model that seems to dominate contemporary art at the local level. It also has an extremely practical role in offering an easy-to-achieve line-item for an artist's CV. This is essential to artists that interact with grant-giving bodies, as they tend to favor people that have already won things. Mainly though, this project is extremely pleasant, and I think helpful in some way for all participants.

I did an interview with ARTNews about this: [link].